Fugiel Retention Tanks (Ecology Tanks)  


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Fugiel Railroad Supply has been supplying retention tanks (ecology tanks) to the locomotive industry for the past 12 years.  We currently keep stock on hand for the three most common retention tank applications, which are shown here.  We also offer custom fabrication to meet your individual needs.


The Importance of the Oil Retention or Ecology Tank

Purpose: To collect engine, airbox, generator, air compressor, oil drains, etc. (EPA Compliance Item).


  • “Universal”  -  Our 3 sizes of tanks are designed to easily retrofit your locomotive.  They are also designed for both left hand or right hand installation.
  • Numerous welded inlets, variety of locations and sizes for easy hook up.
  • Easy to read Float Gauge.
  • Extra– heavy duty steel construction. All welded seams, reinforced top.
  • Internally baffled for low vibration and with special oil –water separation for overflow protection.
  • Removable Access Cover/ Clean Out Port.
  • Includes mounting kit.

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